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Hawaii County Civil Defense Eruption Update for Monday, November 24, 2014

This morning’s assessment shows that the upslope breakouts remain active. The breakouts are located approximately 3.5 miles upslope of the Apa’a Street area and consist of surface breakouts and breakouts along the edges or margins of the flow pad. The active and most down slope breakout had advanced approximately 150 yards since yesterday morning and is located approximately 3.5 miles up slope of the Apa’a street area. Presently, all breakout activity does not pose an immediate threat to area communities and the flow activity will continue to be monitored.

Residents in the down slope areas will be kept informed of any changes and the flow status and advancement.

Smoke conditions were moderate to heavy with a light west wind pushing smoke down slope through the area of Pahoa and lower Puna. Smoke conditions may increase in some areas and residents that are sensitive or have respiratory problems are advised to take necessary precautions and to remain indoors.

The Pahoa Village Road between Apa’a Street and the Post Office Road will remain closed and limited to area residents only. Access to the businesses and commercial areas of the Pahoa town can be made through the Pahoa Village Road at the intersection of Highways 130 and 132 and the Post Office Road. We apologize for any inconvenience the road closure may be presenting with and remind everyone that the Pahoa town center and businesses are open and accessible. The reopening of the Pahoa Village Road will be initiated starting today Monday November 24th and may take a few days to complete. Utility crews will begin to remove the protection placed around the utility poles and this work will require the road to remain closed while equipment is operating in the area.

Civil Defense and public safety personnel will continue to maintain close observations of flow activity.

Additional updates will be posted as conditions change