Andrew Richard Hara’s photography is relentless in the pursuit of capturing distinctive images of planet Earth. Marked by a strong play of forces between environment and human-made structures, his work is grounded in beauty and yet inextricably linked to the contemporary influences of technology. 

Hara is a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he earned a photography and digital imaging degree, with honors, in 2009.  After architectural, forensic and fine-art photography work with mainland business, government agencies, and the American Institute of Architecture, he returned home to Hawaii Island to reconnect with his birthplace and to apply his education and expertise to serve the arts and progressive sciences, including environmental conservation and sustainability.

Hara’s current client list includes National Geographic Society, NASA, CERN, Vanity Fair, BBC,  Time Magazine, United States Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Arc’teryx, Alpa of Switzerland, Phase One Digital Camera Systems, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Hana Hou! Magazine, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts,  W. M. Keck Observatory, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, and the Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests.

His photographs focus on the contrast of light and darkness, inviting the viewer to inhabit the indescribable, ethereal quality of existing fully between objects and within the moment.

Through his photography, Hara’s goal is to help organizations manifest a thriving, responsible and compassionate future. And while his professional purpose leads him far and wide to explore the visual diversity of this world, Hawaii will always be his home and his priority.


Portrait by: Michelle Mishina Kunz