20131011 MKA | Mana Road Birthday Weekend!

October 15, 2013

As this monumental year passes on through, I'm brilliantly ecstatic that I have found myself with an incredible group of friends and family. From lava tubes to extreme picnics on mountain summits, I can say with confidence that it's taken me 28 years to find friends who are fantastically outstanding, inspirational, and ever so loving in a crude-farty-bacon-eaty-whiskey-drowny-slumber-party-shotgun-shooty-sort-of-way.

Spanning from world travelers, expert free divers, canyoneering experts, professional hula hoopers, zipline installers, lilikoi cheesecake bakers, round the world sailors, obedient puppy howlers, and the world's loudest coffee grinders, I am humbled. I am so grateful to have kick ass friends to record through photographs, as they are all uniquely skilled in their own pirate-y sort of way.

Not only are they hilarious, but are perfect models to reference scale.
For science.

So thank you to my family for being a special part of my weirdly complicated and adventure-y life. My birthdays are never really about me, but toward the people who inflict great illumination in my life.

*end background piano music
*queue heavy technical death metal

Also, who wants to go to Iceland next year for Summer 2014?