20131020 Victoria+Seattle | Be Here Now

October 29, 2013

Monumental, I will say in all humility.

One of my great friends said that he decisively changed the statement, "I don't have the time" to "I haven't made the time" to do something. I feel that his change in thought holds true with being accountable for our minutes, decisions, and opportunities throughout our lives. In that, I have made the time to be able to provide myself a vacation to balance and be whole, be open and trusting toward everything around me, and sitting here and being grateful as my experiences write into memory.

What I've found through the myriad of travelers, campfires, friends, road trips, nature, transients, geology, couchsurfers, and the such are bonds. Bonds that hold strong because they are true. Even if everything is fleeting, even the people that I love dearly, I know that these bonds exist. And within that thought, I can help myself to remember that I should be absolutely grateful to be able to share a moment in a fleeting life with incredible people.

I am grateful for friends who: Within two hours of meeting me, takes me to one of their most beautiful and secret spots. Sleep on the couch so I can sleep comfortably in their bed. Suggests an ice cream sandwich breakfast is the BEST way to be introduced to Victoria. Laugh ridiculously while yelling "IZZIT!" in the car. Run drastically slower so that I can keep up at the 3:30min/mi pace. Introduce me to all of their amazing friends. Takes me to an evening salsa dancing tutorial party 5 houses away. Are friends of a friend who decides to strip down naked after a Bonobo concert to dive into the ocean. Make the best cayenne smoothies. Eat at Be Love 4 of 7 days out of the week. Drop knowledge on my #2 Helper in the Enneagram. Walk together with linked arms, four people wide as the sun sets through golden trees.

These are my wonderful friends.
And I'm very grateful to be able to say that with confidence.

As confident as me saying that I love ice cream sandwiches.