20131102 Affirmation | Ho`ailona

November 04, 2013

As I was accompanied by affirmation, the western skies poured clouds into Kilauea Caldera. In being present in thought with loved ones who have passed on, a double rainbow materialized mid sentence, and stopped me in my tracks. Meditation. Boom, thunderous hit of paralysis. Intensity, size, and distance of this ho`ailona, or gift, shifted form as rapids of cloud fleeted by to the east. I was shaking uncontrollably. Then, through damp winds, the faint sound of Hawaiian chanting began fading in and out of the winds. Chills searing through my body. I scanned the caldera, and sure enough, an assembly on the far overlook was chanting while this beautiful parabola proved confirmation of all things currently happening in my life. Staring as the pulsing periphery slowly faded into a thin sheet of rain, I said "thank you".

This was the beginning of numerous encountered manifestations that day.