2013 Top Fifteen Photographs

December 25, 2013

I'm headed to Big Sur and Victoria, B.C. on a red eye flight in less than three hours! I wanted to post this because I will be spending the New Year camping in a forest.

Here are the top fifteen most memorable photographs and moments from this year.

I am SO blessed and grateful to have had these experiences with myself and with others. Thank you to everyone who has changed my life and have been a solid rock in experiencing this thing called life. Thank you because you are indeed the strengths that I need to persevere and be a stronger, more humble, and thoughtful human being. Thank you to soul mates. Thank you to my beloved Kona HQ family. Thank you to my fellow travelers and connoisseurs of all worldly creation. I am a better person because of you, and for that, I can only be grateful. I feel great experiences to be had in the sighted future, and I hope you're there ready for them with me.

Be excited. Be courageous. Be vulnerable. Be strong. Be giving.

Be Here Now.
Be Love.