20130630 Mana Road - Keanakolu Orchard

July 01, 2013

Traversing through the 44mi Mana Road situated at a comfortable 6,000ft elevation on the slope of Mauna Kea. The Humuula Orchard at Keanakolu Cabin was plum plentiful for a solid 3 gallon batch of plum wine! We dropped down to check out the David Douglas memorial, a botanist who studied plant species in the early 1800's was killed in a bullpen on Mauna Kea; his death presumably questionable. While passing the Wailuku River head, a dead, butchered bull immediately caught our attention. It was quite a waste considering most of the animal was still intact.

I got in contact with the right people managing the land and this was their response:

Thanks for your reporting this. It was determined that the animal was a
'wild' one meaning that it did not belong to any one ranch in the area.
These 'wild' animals are also called 'forest animals' as the roam freely in
the forest at higher elevation.

Again, thanks and take care.


Oh yeah, and zombies per my boss' entertainment!