20130825 Zipline into the Ocean

August 26, 2013

Here's the copy from my Facebook Event post:

We are cordially inviting the entire Island of Hawaii to join the Adventure Club's event on Saturday, August 24 2013 for our awesome marine emplacement at End of the World!

Our family member, Tyler Hungate will unfortunately be departing the island at the end of the month and we're throwing this extravaganza as a send off.

We will be constructing our third zipline into the ocean with actual Robertson zipline trolleys and also will be setting up gymnastics rings, a slackline, rappel, possible floating picnic table with a mounted barbecue, and our newest endeavor into a floating American Gladiators Combat platform.

What do you need to bring? If you've never partied, hung out, or almost died with us before; please bring anything you think to be awesomely fun and/or delicious to eat. We are heavy into accommodating to ensure a super epic explosion of a good time, but we also love contributions in equipment, drink, food, and cute friends!

FYI: We have yet to acquire a squirrel suit, parachute, submarine, or a pirate cannon. Donations will be accepted.