2013-2014: Big Sur | Victoria | Saltspring Island

January 11, 2014

To embrace, hold, melt, breathe, and pressure air with comfort in insurmountable love, envision a vision.
I am in a classroom with my soul, learning to navigate through the narrows of hidden obstruction. Binding and accepting.

Rip, run, tear, and shear through terrifying weather. Feel affixed to forks to scuttle frets below the surface of knowing. What am I becoming? A beast, a half man, partial wit, pinch of trust, hint of pain, a pour of laughter, wedge of humility, and a silver strait of existential charismatic longevity. Breathe. Weave silk through into minds and rhyme beating chests. Engulf into. Percolate amplitude of awareness.


One of the closest to me shared this:

Life is hard and sharp and it hurts, but there are some who wear it lightly, and mindfully, and with class, and are frank yet wise yet light, and if our recipe is right, our household shall be one of the hardy and cheerful ones. Life is often lonely and sad and unfair, but if we are lucky we shall work hard and earn our luck, and when we are hit broadside we shall return fire as we sail away with the wind at our backs, and trouble shall find it is bored with us.

And that resonated well with where I was and where I am now. I think we all go through a process of humility, of fear, of disillusionment, and questioning of ourselves. This trip was predicated around the feeling of willingness to the unknown, re-centering, and creating ability to wind through uplifted sea spires to enjoy company again, my company specifically.