20140302 Tibetan New Year Ceremony

March 03, 2014

Wood Horse Losar - Tibetan New Year 2014

The earth crinkles at 12:00AM as my two feet gain contact with the revolving world. Silent treading, a shimmer of crisp montane silks across my neck while breathing in beating rhythm in altitude high summits. Periphery alerts a faintful glow of Halema`uma`u's molten chamber. And to my right gaze, a fluorescent buzz of sodium vapor light blooms the western skies with tangerine-magenta.

Hands are shaking. Breath is slowing. Eyes are closing.

My forehead is pressed against 40mph winds while my mind is decreasing in runway speed. Fear not, the rustle of brush and tumble of rocks behind me were just part of a mind simulation of fear that is only mentally present, the wind persists auditory hallucination. Thin air, breathe. Focus. Focus on the stars cascading elliptically, ever so majestically, and silently whilst meditation sends me rocking forth and return gracefully.

Oh, romantic alpine, how you appear when I close vision and open perception. I am granted permission to sit on your fine silty perch, heavenly cataclysm. I sit here now in ceremony for who, you; for me, he; for us, we. An inhalation and exhalation breath for each who are the closest to me; I sit on this mountain to honor each of you, to appreciate you, and to serve you. I attempt to come with invitations of humility, as it is all I know to be of validity.

Within ceremony, this continuous exposure recorded elapsed time of prayer: 18mins

Much love.
Thank you.