20140319 Reflection

March 19, 2014

Thank you to everyone for your infinite support, love, and words of encouragement. I am honestly SO honored by this experience of life; it is surreal. I am grateful to be able to share my friendship to each of you. The devotion towards my visual practice has intensified through rehabilitation of my mind, spirit, and body through recognition of my old self and who I am currently. Without a doubt, I have found a greater depth in recognizing empirical beauty in connecting to our world through a conversation, an embrace, or even in a slight nod and smile. I am a Two Helper, a survivor, a friend, a photographer, a human, a man who laughs in enchantment of cloud cover fleeting through the skies, and a loyal stranger. I am graced to know that what I provide towards this world is only a true reflection of what is met in complementary energy and devotion from the world and people around me. I am here to record the skies, to observe the wind, and devote time to bettering myself to have the capacity to oppose disintegration. I woke to turquoise washing and stirring, being sent gracefully toward me inland, hovering further from the earth’s edge-horizontal. I thought about what I seek from this world, this existence, and questions of my hands integrating into this life and world and it is everything that I have all encountered through actualization within this year. I have been challenged by the foe of my wit, empowerment to acknowledge, and to dispel simulation to bring recognition to a true and honest reality. 

Seek, pulse long closed-eyed-breaths, raise to crown vision to the skies; we are constituted under the same elliptical curvature of the cosmos. Our hearts come strong, our hearts find song, our hearts become one 

Thank you.