20140414 Kilauea Volcano

April 13, 2014

Embracing synchronicity. We swept toward the beach for a swim, laughed throughout an ecstatic sundown drive, and exhaled near a blooming a warm wood fire to set intention for incredible bonding. Pulsing wind rippled cloth. We huddled with palo santo, jasmine tea, and four bags chips while entering and exiting through geology, venting of steam, and a homely creepy spider shack. Exiting the car at 12:34am, we sat watching the moon phase slowly over the sky. Sitting next to a 200ft precipice, a Hawaiian owl swooped into a collapsed crater. As the owl soared toward the moon, a piercing shriek from a Hawaiian hawk shrilled downward hours past midnight. We reentered the car at 1:23am. It is not surprising that this sort of beauty exists in the world, especially when you have the love and support from wonderful, wonderful friends. Victoria, British Colombia rocks hardcore. And Florida. And Hawaii.