20140503 Crater Rim Trail : Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

May 03, 2014

Walking in dark peeling shadows. The hidden clouds beneath a moon crescent dance with the sky’s breath to reveal constellations. My steps move silently as I peel my neck to peer backward to see fleeting quick paced mist behind while I step forward. I carry untimely destruction of confidence; a confluence of my soul contract with the universe and the experience of human life. How easy it would be to be swept away to not undergo the purity of suffering. Layers upon layers guarded with hidden armor, it is time to unmask and breach security to challenge what we are here to do, what we are made out of. Feel your lungs crush, stammer, and puncture. Shortness of breath. Vocal experiences reaching out to the world fall short. Exhale, and connect with the material you breathe deeply within yourself. I am here as a practitioner to observe. To undergo the connectivity of time, space, and integration with universal nature in deep bond. I am standing at my corner of the earth in great honor knowing that we are all arriving simultaneously. I need not wait, you are already here with us standing at the expansive four infinite corners of infinity.