20140510 Waimanu + Waipio | Muliwai Trail

May 09, 2014

When one finds methods to scorch the earth, sometimes it takes hundreds of burning acres within our minds to understand that the fire can always be under control. Sanctuary must be found to balance the fiery pressures of terminal existence, and this is such a place to remind ourselves to wake up. To wake up to the burning sun beating down pillars of sweat and agony as our steps lace through ancient trail. Stepping and following the distant crack and rumble of a rock vaulting down hundreds of vertical feet, our eyes and ears perk directionally toward singular sounds of mystifying, hidden accompaniment. Let each step help develop us forward to the sensitivity of a light brush of wind for an additional half hour of movement, a glint of sun-ray in exchange of a negative thought for a relief of one, and an elixir of textural coolness in an understory of leaves providing a summary of nature’s epiphanies. Let us be reminded of why we are here on this earth. Let us understand what can be indescribable through words. Let us persist in never-ending bewilderment of your true beauty, dear soulful, Mother Nature.